Mobile Player, Tincan, ScormCloud & result connect to server error

I have a pretty basic storyline eLearning module with a graded quiz at the end.  It is published for TinCan, and course completion is based on a graded result slide and is hosted on SCORMCloud.  It works fine on PC, and gets through the content on the Mobile player.  But when I complete the quiz and get to the results slide I get a Connect to server error, which I cannot get out of through retry, only close.  Completion and the interaction results are not recorded from the mobile player.  Anybody have any success with this situation?  If so any suggestions?

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Mark Kizilos

This error has rendered my application non-functional on the iPad. I realize that I was out on the bleeding edge by using tin can with real clients, but this is very troubling. Users can't do anything with my program on the mobile player without getting the error. And, the html5 output is not an alternative--very slow loading and odd behaviors.

I guess this means I am back to flash-only output and cutting iPad support until this get fixed or I re-author everything in a different technology.  Very disappointing, as I loved the way things were working.


Paul Shorr


Not sure if this is helpful but Rustici Support directed me to this example of how an extension may be formatted: 


I'm not sure what you have in mind here. The formatting of the statement is probably not in the TinCan.xml file but rather in the course somewhere. We have an example where we've used the extensions section of the statement to embed binary data representing an image.

Let me know if I'm misunderstanding your question, I feel like I might be.

Jamie Smith

The mobile player does not use javascript that I'm aware of. This is the reason you're unable to include javascript in your project if you plan to publish to the mobile player as it will not work.

To my knowledge, the mobile player simply assembles the content based on the data file in the mobile folder of the published package. After conducting a quick scan through this file, it doesn't appear that you can modify the problemed behavior but rather it must be fixed in the mobile player app itself.

Fortunately, I'm running my own LRS for collecting statements. It's not as particular about statements as the SCORM Cloud. So, I'm not dead in the water due to this error. However, I am running into another error regarding reported completion. Without the packages working with SCORM Cloud, though, I'm unable to demonstrate the behavior to Articulate Support. So, hopefully they'll get this fixed then I can move on to getting my other problem fixed.

Mark Kizilos

Just thought I would post another note to this thread to keep some attention on this issue. It has really raised a concern for me that Storyline may be lagging behind implementation of the tin can api versions. I would hate to have Storyline fix this issue for tin can version .95 just as scormcloud is upgrading to version 1.0 only to find new problems that may not have been addressed (e.g., activity IDs implemented as URIs).

I don't mean to be negative, I am just concerned. I managed to run my live, blended learning class on Thursday with laptops instead of iPads but it was pretty disruptive and raised some real concerns for me.

From a previous post I understood that QA was going to provide updates on this issue...can someone from articulate share any updates? It has been about 3 weeks since this issue was reported.

Thanks for any updates you can provide.


Nancy Woinoski

Hi Guys, did you take a look at this thread?  The issue sounds kind of similar - although the point at which you are getting the error appears to be different and it was with the Litmos LMS - but it turns out the error was being caused by a domain name conflict.

Mark Kizilos


Thanks for the reference. From what I could see in that thread the issue seems a bit different. I had published my content using tin can to scormcloud for iPad mobile player (no html5) and was using it successfully for a couple of months. Then, suddenly, it stopped working. 

Now, when users first launch the course it runs for a little while. Then, users get an error that the device cannot connect to the internet. This error cannot be clicked through as it keeps popping up if you select "retry".



Nancy Woinoski

Hi Mark, the error is the same - In the other situation, the content loaded in the Mobile Player and played (they had the slides set to auto advance) but the cannot connect to internet error kept popping up if you selected "retry"  

In your previous post you mentioned that scormcloud is upgrading to 1.0 - have they done this? - did the error start to occur after the upgrade?

The error indicates some sort of connectivity issue so something is blocking the connection.It might be worth investigating the domain issue.

Jamie Smith

Read further up on this thread for a detailed discussion on the error you're seeing. 

The explanation for the sudden issues with the AMP is the update that occurred in December of 2012. 

The AMP is sending information to the SCORM Cloud as part of a result statement that does not conform to the XAPI standards. The statement gets rejected and triggers the error in the AMP. Since AMP only generates generic communication errors it's difficult to troubleshoot. 

The error occurs when a result statement is sent in completion of a result slide. That is why you may be able to complete a series of slides without the error occurring. 

The only answer here is an update to the AMP or use a different LRS that's not as discriminating with the submitted statements.