Mobile Safari Publish Settings

Could somebody expand on the ideal settings for publishing a course for use on mobile safari or point me to some updated material if it exists elsewhere? I've reviewed the settings detailed here...

...but these guidelines and browser options really just pertain to desktop browsers. The article here is all well and good for desktop publishing.

However, it would be great if there was expanded documentation for mobile/tablets. The documentation I've found doesn't address mobile browser differences. For example, you can't resize a browser on a tablet, browsers on the tablet are different sizes depending on the orientation someone is holding it, etc.

From my experience, building courses at the standard 4:3 ratio, the default dimensions (720 x 540), and the menu turned off, the course will spill off the bottom of the iPad and the users can't see the standard nav buttons (prev, next submit, etc.)

The user can't scroll down the page, but has to pinch and move the screen up to access those buttons. But then after navigating to the next page, the content resets and again the navigation is once again inaccessible.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Dan,

You can check out the information here about publishing to Mobile devices. As far as the scrolling, you can look here. If you are going to be only using Mobile Safari, you may want to read this information about content running slow or not correctly in Mobile Safari due to its limitations.