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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Katherine! Thanks for your post. Are you referring to the responsive player in Storyline 360? 

The HTML5 output was rebuilt for Articulate 360 products, and the biggest advantage of the new responsive player was that it gave as much screen space to your content as possible while still maintaining crucial player features. Since you're using the built-in submit button, the responsive player will be enabled on the screen of your mobile device. If you'd like to disable the responsive player completely, you'll want to use custom buttons as opposed to default player buttons.

I can see how the ability to change the color or the transparency of the responsive player would be really helpful for you, so if it’s ok, I’d like to pass along your ideas to our team. We are discussing ways we can improve the player in terms of customization and consistency, so your thoughts are great input for the team! Thanks again for reaching out. :)