Mobile Swipe interaction

Oct 09, 2017

How do I get the Trigger Swipe to appear in my menu? 


I am revising a course.  Some slides have the trigger

Click Next Button or Swipe others just say 

Click Next 

I need Swipe because I am creating for mobile. Please help! 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Ed!  If you enable swipe navigation in the slide properties like Leslie highlighted above, Storyline will create the triggers.  You can edit the swipe triggers to point to a specific slide rather than "next slide."

The swipe action doesn't rely on a button.  It is a gesture-based trigger for mobile viewing, so your custom button will need its own trigger to create an action.  I hope that helps!

Kristen Kenny

Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately that will not work. Essentially, I
am trying to create a "carousel effect" where the learning can swipe back
and forth through the various stages of a process as many times as needed.
Ideally, I want them to come back to the base layer and then click the NEXT
arrow to resume the course. I can give this effect using arrows but we want
the learner to be able to swipe using their mobile device and this is where
the issue comes in. I tried using drag and drop to create the effect but
that only allows the leaner to "swipe" once. I have created a workaround
using buttons but would love the option of a carousel effect in the future
or a trigger to add a swipe for mobile device that could be associated to
an object or layer.

Alison Zetah

I would also love more customization with the mobile Swipe feature to be able to trigger multiple slide layers on a slide. In our work we use many buttons and layers as a way to present interactivity and information to our staff. However, doing this is not possible with the current swipe feature.  I tried submitting a feature request but was unable to do so.

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