Mobile video best practices?

Hey everyone!

We have a few courses with embedded video that's baked in to the course (ie. not streaming from YouTube or Vimeo or what have you). We're storing it in MP4 format. It works just fine on PC's, but on mobile devices (namely, iPads) the video window remains black, doesn't play, and freezes the course.

Any tips?

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James Jenneman

Hey Ashley! Thanks for your reply. We'd rather use that as a last resort. I think we'll try compressing our video a little more to make it load more easily. BUT just in case we do have to go the Web Object route, we use Vimeo rather than YouTube. Do you have a similar tutorial for Vimeo?

Jennifer Rowe

Hi all, 

I have a follow-up question. I recently published a course that contains several videos. I published to the web with HTML5 and AMP enabled.

The vids I am using have all been downloaded and saved as mp4. I inserted them into my SL project as a file. So, no embed codes, web objects, or links or anything. 

The videos play just fine on all devices I have tested (PC, iphone, Android phone). They play inside the AMP and online. They are a little glitchy on the iphone, but actually a lot of things about the SL project are kind of glitchy on the iphone. When I first tried to play the videos using the AMP on an Android phone, they played only audio, no visual. This is just what is to be expected since they were NOT inserted into the project as a web object. However, when I tried to play them again a day or later, they worked just fine. 

So (finally) my question is this: Are the videos playing in HTML5 and AMP even though they are not web objects because they are inserted as files and those files are included in the whole Storyline Output?  

Thank you,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jennifer,

MP4 videos should play in the HTML5 and AMP output as you'll see that most videos inserted are encoded as MP4 for those two outputs and you can also review the information in this chart to see how different elements will work in the different outputs. Storyline is set to progressively stream videos, but in some cases, you may have an MP4 file that isn't properly formatted. As a result, learners may experience a long delay while the entire video downloads. If you have an MP4 file that's exhibiting this behavior, you may be able to correct it by using the method described here. I suspect you'd see this on more than just the iPhone or Android player, but it is worth looking into. 

Also, what update/version of Storyline are you using to publish the content? What iOS is the iPad/iPhone running and what version of Android are you using?  When playing the HTML5 output in the iPhone and Android are you using Safari and Chrome (latest updates of each) respectively? If you'd like to share a copy of one of the videos that is causing difficulty we're happy to take a look and try in a brand new .story file as well.