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Will Bladon


Just to add to David's suggestion- if you want to reduce the learners ability to navigate - ie make them click on commands on your slide rather than use the 'next', 'prev' or menu structure- all of this can be controlled in the 'Slide View', under 'Slide'  (see below).

Using this and the above suggestion you should be able to achieve what you want. The learner would have to click on your 'Ok' or 'Cancel' buttons, and these would direct wherever you choose.

Jerson  Campos

I've tried something similar to what you are asking, but for captivate. Found out after 2 days of banging my head against the monitor that captivate 6 wasn't capable of doing this because of the way it handles javascript (Captivate 5.5 can though). If you want to create a modal popup, the best way is to do it with a lightbox slide or slide layer as david suggested. With a slide layer you can disable anything underneath from being clicked (i'm not sure about the next/prev buttons on the player though, but you can do it with triggers.)

The real trick is figuring out how the course is going to know if a user has gone through all the course material. The easiest way is to create simple true/false switch variables for each slide. Then on the slide that will have the popup (possibly the one before the quiz or certificate) there will be a trigger that will check to see if all the slides have been viewed.

Jerson  Campos

How? as in the procedure?  I would put the trigger in the slide before you need to verify the user has viewed all the content. Will you not have the TOC available? If I remember correctly, Storyline has a built in bookmark function. If you want to show what the viewer has and hasn't seen then you could display a list with some of the topics in the lesson and have a "checkmark" to show what has been viewed and what hasn't been viewed.  I"ll see if I can develop a stest sample to show what I'm talking about.

Thor Jormun

Jerson & Bill - thanks for your feedback.

Yes, to confirm - there is an option for the bookmark alert in the Player Settings. That is very handy. Wouldn't know how to implement the bookmark test otherwise.

Re: checkmarks for completed slides - is that possible? Can you customize the slide-menu with custom checkmarks?


Jerson  Campos

You can't customise the built in TOC. But you can create a "pop up" that will show the user which sections he still needs. Again you will have to create a variable for each slide ( I suggest true/false). Then on the slide where you want this feature enabled you create a lightbox that will display the slides by name or slide # with some kind of notification that it has been seen. It might be easier to group them into topics.

If you can give me some time I can create a demo. I kind of swamped right now but maybe I can do something quickly this weekend.

Thor Jormun


This is interesting. However, this would be that much more useful if the variables were saved & retrieved from the LMS, so that this functionality works across sessions. Or simply put, can we leverage SCORM API call for "suspenddata", and tie this in to an alert within the content (ex - Lightbox ).

From the user's perspective, they should only get a notification of what was not completed if, and only if,  they have not completed the course.

Hope this makes sense.