Modern Player and Seek bar stretching beyond story size


We are using the Modern Player with a story size of 1334 x 750 pixels.

I've noticed the seek bar extends beyond the 1334pixels story size width (see screen grab) when displayed on a desktop monitor.  

The Browser size is set to 'resize browser to fill screen' via the Player Properties area.

Question:  Is there a way to ensure the seek bar is displayed within the story size and not reach beyond the preset 1334 px?  

Thank you

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Ren Gomez

Hi Nicole,

Currently, the modern player always scales to completely fill the learner’s browser on every device and screen size, so you may see the player elements such as the seekbar adjust accordingly.

With the classic player, you can choose to "Lock player at optimal size," so that may be an option for you to look into. I'll be sure to include you in our feature report for the ability to lock the Modern Player, but feel free to share your request as well!

Nicole Ralph

Very helpful - thank you.

For the classic player, the seek bar aligns to the right on an iPad/tablet. Two questions ...

1. Is it possible to keep the seek bar at the bottom of screen for tablets like the desk top and;

2. How do you use the seek bar when displayed on a tablet?  It seems to turn into a simple play/pause toggle and a progression display only.   All 'seeking' stops for tablet and smartphones.

Thank you!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Nicole!

The seekbar behaves differently when using the responsive player, so what you're seeing is expected behavior when viewing the course on a mobile device. 

The seekbar is displayed on the bottom of the slides when viewing a course in Portrait Mode. In Landscape Mode, the seekbar is located on the right slide of the screen in a circle icon with the play/pause button.

Darren McNeill

It would be very useful to be able to use the slider option as a seek bar for customization. Also if a video is on the slide the seek bar can sync with it if possible. If a user pauses a video the seek bar keeps going, or if the user pauses the seek bar, the video keeps playing. It would be useful to have the options for custom controlling.