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Jul 24, 2018

Does anyone know if the modern player is ever going to come out with Storyline 3?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sue!  Storyline 3 doesn't currently support the modern player, as it's one of the exclusive features of Storyline 360.  The next update to SL3 will allow you to open SL360 projects that use the modern player, but it will revert to the classic player.

Were you having any issues with compatibility, or were you hoping to take advantage of modern player features?  I can understand the desire - it's pretty slick!

Mark Marino

It was our understanding that Storyline 3 would eventually get all Storyline 360 features, albeit with a delayed release cycle... so I'm wondering when the modern player style will make it over to SL3.  As an enterprise customer, we are stuck using SL3 due to various security and technical reasons, but this is an important feature for us to get.  Any update on when this will make it into SL3?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mark! 

While Storyline 3 has lots of the new features that were also added to Storyline 360, there are some features like the Modern Player that are exclusive to Storyline 360. We don't have any plans to add the Modern Player to Storyline 3 at this time, but we promise to let folks know if that changes.

You can read more about the differences between Storyline 360 and Storyline 3 here. Let me know if you have more questions about that! 

Mark Marino

Thanks for the reply Alyssa. However, this makes little sense to me.  I think most customers using Storyline 3 are probably enterprise customers like us who have no other choice due to their company's IT policies.  I was under the impression that SL3 and SL360 were compiled from the same codebase but that SL3 lagged behind SL360 b/c of the added administrative overhead of releasing it as a desktop perpetual license app.

In my mind, the differentiator between these two products should be what additional CLOUD features come with SL360... to me that's the value-add to entice customers to migrate to SL360... not arbitrarily holding back on a feature that clearly is not CLOUD related and that must be in the common codebase for both products.

Believe me, I would love for our organization to be able to bring Articulate 360 in-house... we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 Articulate licenses across the enterprise. But there are simply too many hurdles we have to jump to make that happen (not that we aren't trying).  But in the meantime it would be great if SL3 got the same features as SL360 barring any that have cloud requirements, even if it means waiting months for them to make it into the next SL3 Update.  

If that's not Articulate's game plan to support enterprise customers, than can you explain why the Modern Player feature isn't going to make it into the next SL3 update? Does that imply no more new features are going to be added to SL3 moving forward?  


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mark,

There will always be features that are exclusive to Articulate 360 subscribers. With Storyline 3 we support you with fixes and some limited updates. Right now we don't have any new features planned for Storyline 3. But of course if that changes, we’ll definitely let folks know.

I definitely understand your challenge here around moving to a cloud offering. We do have an enterprise deployment team that’s familiar with helping large enterprises get set up with for Articulate 360. If you think that’d be helpful in your situation, I know they’d be happy to chat with you. They can be reached at

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

I talked with one of our UX designers on this, and he shared how we switched from the speech bubble icon to the CC inside a button with the release of the modern player. We've decided to use a [CC] in the icon, although it's not an industry standard as it would mean very little in Japanese, Russian, etc, nor is it what you'll see used by other video players such as YouTube and Netflix. It was determined that the [CC] was a reasonable compromise that splits the difference - CC inside the bubble is a visual hint for non-English speakers that it's something to do with speech.  

I can see how the inconsistency between the two players causes some confusion, so I'll have the team take a look at editing the classic player to match. I'll keep you posted here, but here's a bit more insight into how we handle feature requests.

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