Modern player, three dots is showing but it's only hiding an 'x'

I used the Modern player with an X on the upper right to close the player. However, when my title is long and my window is small, the X is replaced by a "...". 

dot dot dot

This is the behavior of the player when small window plus too much text on the upper tab. However, the "..." is even longer than an "X". There should be a check by the software to not show the "..." when it's replacing something smaller or the same size.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Calvin,

The topbar tabs will appear as three dots when the browser window is small, or when viewing the course on a mobile device. 

I can understand how that wouldn't be ideal when the topbar tab label is an "X", so thanks for bringing this up.  I'll keep an eye out for similar mentions and see what momentum is around this concept!