Modern Player: Typeface Display (Notes vs. Menu)

Aug 06, 2018

Sorry if this is a repeat, but I couldn't find anything specifically addressing this.

I'm using the Modern Player (Dark) and have the typeface set to Arial. I set the typeface for my Notes (we use this for the audio script) to Arial 8pt (Regular). The font size of my Notes appears to be the same size as the labels and Menu, but the text in the Notes appears to be Bold though it isn't set to be bold. I would really like this text to be seamless in appearance to the rest of the player. 

Notice in the attachments, the Slide names in the menu do not seem to be bold like the Scene title. Nor are the tab titles Menu and Notes.

However, in my Notes (other attachment), the text appears to be bold.

Any suggestions? Am I missing something?

Appreciate your assistance!

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