modified true or false question

Nov 07, 2012


Im trying to create a modified true or false question. 

first, the learner chooses whether the statement is true or false.

if the statement is false, the learner will select which part of the statement is wrong and replaces it with the correct text (word or phrase).  to make it easy, the statement is divided into 3 parts that the learner will have to select from.

my initial solution involves:

1.  use separate text boxes for the parts of the statement (limited to 3 parts)

2.  insert 3 data entry objects corresponding to the 3 text boxes and place these under the text boxes.

3.  when learner clicks a text box (part of the statement), it changes state to hidden to show the data entry object below it.

4. after this step, this is where i get lost.

i cant seem to control or manage the changing of states when the learner selects another text box (part of the statement) while entering text on the data entry field..  In fact, i cant get it to show the hidden text box once the data entry field is already shown.

I will appreciate it very much getting ideas from the community how to execute this interactivity.



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Caesar Aycocho

Hello Annie,

Thank you for taking time to read my post. Below you will find a screenshot of what I am trying to do.  

Any suggestion from you or the community is much appreciated.  If this is not possible, I will go back to the ID and say that this is not possible with Storyline and she has to think of another interaction.

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