Modifying Glossary Entries in the playerProps.xml file


In an Import/Export Glossary discussion, Zio Fonta described how to unzip a .story file, open the playerProps.xml file, and copy glossary data (between <glossary> and </glossary> into another playerProps.xml file, as a method to "import" a glossary.  Excellent information and works great.  I need to add about 300 glossary items to my course and plan to modify the playerProps.xml file to make the entires (much easier than using the interface provided by Storyline to make the entries).  The tags for the glossary entries are straight forward except for one: <TranslationGuid>.  Not sure what the purpose of this tag is, and there is no schema referenced in the xml.  The values for the tag appear to be unique for each glossary entry.  I can delete the tag and everything seems to work.  If I leave the tag empty the glossary fails.  Does anyone know the purpose of this tag, and if there is a downside to just removing it altogether?

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