modifying story.js - JS help needed

Hello All,

We have a difficult situation tracking our SL course with a client LMS (VuePoint VLS).

We have isolated the fact that the LMS wants a score and not a completion status. While we have tried every combination (within SL) we cannot get the settings the way the LMS wants it.

The client has stated that a previous vendor fixed the issue by "separate the course status and scoring into two IF

statements".  We do not have the talent in house to modify the js. We have contacted Articulate support (live conference) and Rustici Software which are unable to help us.

Is there anyone one who is familiar with SL outputs and understands enough js to get the result we are after.



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Jason Johnson

This sounds like a project I'd love to help with if I wasn't knee-deep in a huge one of my own. I just wanted to throw you a word of caution that you may already be aware of, but nevertheless: you'll need to keep a copy of your modified story.js somewhere else on your hard drive instead of the package SL produces and then copy it back in on each successive publish because whatever change you make to story.js will be overwritten each time you publish. Also, depending on the code contained in story.js, you may have to keep a code snippet that you copy/paste into the file each time you publish because the output for story.js may be unique each time (not sure; haven't verified). Just my 2 cents.