Modifying SumTotal Content Player via Storyline imsmanifest

Out of curiosity, does anyone have any experience with removing the SumTotal content player via the imsmanifest file that's produced in Storyline? I found this topic but the SumTotal document they reference is from 2005 so I'm not sure if this up to date.

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Steven Burkey

Hi Alicia,

I realize you posted your question a while ago, but I thought I'd follow up in case you're still interested...

The link you referenced looks like it still contains accurate information. For my use, I went ahead and movidifyed the manifest template Articulate uses so the changes will be added automatically each time I published. That way I don't have to manually edit the published manifest each time.

Here's where I found the manifest template in WinXP:

C:\Program Files\Articulate\Articulate Storyline\Content\scorm_2004_3rd\imsmanifest.xml

I added the custom SumTotal code to the manifest template and it works as expected every time I publish. You may notice additional folders for the various versions of SCORM in the Storyline directory, but I found that SCORM 2004 3rd Edition worked best for me with SumTotal 8.2.

Brian Allen

Abhinav, they do not have to map to each other, and you can leave them unedited if you would like.

Additionally, dependent upon which version of SumTotal you're using, you may not need to edit your imsmanifest file.  Since sumtotal 8.9 and above it has not been necessary, as these settings can be adjusted in the LMS interface.

Abhinav Patil

Great! Brian, thanks a ton for the tip, Brian! Working on a project for a client and doing some preliminary research. Hope I don't run into rough waters Per the client specs, it's sumtotal 8.9 but they do specify the requirement to modify the imsmanifest as well...I guess they prefer to not meddle with their LMS settings

I did notice one of your advice to opt for the optimal player size in the "other" publishing setting to override the launch width/height, and will be doing exactly that. The client has some exacting pixel by pixel real estate specifications (1012 by 675 with the player), and have managed to reach just that by adding player elements and toying with the story size. And, they require the launch width/height to be 1024*768.

Brain, can I PM you if I need a few specs?

Thanks again, Abhinav