Modifying the Goodbye HTML File in a SCORM

At the end of each SCORM I create using Storyline 360, my users land on a page that says "The content has ended.  You may close this window."  In contrast, the learning modules that I create through my LMS (Axis LMS) take users to a page that says "COMPLETE, You have completed this item, Close this Window", where "Close this Window" is a link that closes the window and takes the user back to the LMS.  This is particularly helpful on a mobile device, which otherwise requires the user to manually close the browser tab with the SCORM in it and manually go to the browser tab with the LMS in it.  What modifications do I need to make to the SCORM's goodbye HTML file to give the user a link to close the SCORM window and go to the LMS window?  I'm new to HTML and modifying the underlying files in the SCORM, so I would love a "for dummies" explanation, if possible.  I've attached the goodbye HTML file from one of my SCORMS, as well as the HTML that my LMS is using.  

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Brandon,

I've never done this, but it's a great idea. You can edit an html file by opening it with Notepad or another text editor. (Don't use Word; that could inadvertently introduce bad style elements.) 

When you look at an html file as text, you'll see the tags, that is, instructions provided with <>. The image below shows your goodbye.html file. I highlighted the text that shows on screen to make it easier to spot. 

I edited the attached file (goodbye_edited.html) to recreate what your LMS_HTML file does. Fortunately, I understand some basic HTML programming, and I just copied the javascript from the LMS_HTML file. 

Be aware, though, that this message appears whenever the user exits the course. So they'd see this message even if they're exiting before they complete the course. So you might want to consider using a different message (for example, "Session Ended" and "Close this Window"). To do that, just edit the text in the html file using Notepad.

P.S. I thought that "complete" text was controlled by the LMS, so thanks for letting me know about the "goodbye.html" file.  WIN-WIN!