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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Grant!

A little confused with the information you provided - are you wanting to display the Complete status in the LMS, or on the final side of the actual course?

If the LMS supports the tracking, you can set up the course to send the Complete/Incomplete status to the LMS and track by number of slides viewed. So, if you have a course with 50 slides, you would track 50 - when the user finished the course and has viewed all 50 slides, the course should be marked "Complete" in the LMS.

You can add any type of button on the final slide, but I'm not entirely sure what you want to do with this.

If you could share some additional information on how you envision this, I can try to give you some suggestions :)


Grant Small

Hi Christine,

Thank you.  I am also a little confused as I have never had to work with a SCORM LMS.  My LMS uses other mechanisms for tracking.  In essence I had a sense that one could have a FINISHED button on the final screen which when clicked could signal completion.  I was looking for something in the actual player.  

I really am at a loss with the best way of doing this.  I had thought of having a variable called Viewed which changes from False to True when the slide is viewed .... but to confess this became more complicated than I had thought.  Specifically as I then had to put the variable on each slide.

I am fairly new to course development.  I have a number of great courses which do not require SCORM, but this new client has an existing LMS that now requires this .... Steep learning curve.

Appreciate your assistance.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Grant,

Ahhh - that helps a lot. Thank you for the additional information :)

You could definitely do this, just depends on how you want to set it up really. Personally, I would probably create a "mock" results slide and customize it. You could add a custom "Finished" button on the slide and place the trigger to send the results on that button. That way, you could actually track via the slide itself, rather than each individual slide. 

How is your navigation set up in the course? If it's a more strict navigation, you wouldn't really need to go through the hassle of making sure each slide has been viewed. For example, if the learner cannot access that final slide from the menu, they cannot cheat and use the button on the final slide. That, or you could actually remove the slide title from the menu. You could set it up so that the second to last slide only jumps to that slide, but the user won't know it's there until they've made it to that point.

Don't worry about the learning curve! :) We all have to start somewhere.