Module freezes after completing the question bank

Feb 18, 2021

Hi there,

I have a fairly simple module that has a question bank with ten questions randomly drawn inside and once completed you are dropped off at a results slide to see your score before going on. However, when tested in FireFox, Chrome, or even the preview function in 360, a buffering/loading icon appears after submitting the last question and you are stuck there forever. This module was working fine, but now breaks after we made a few updates. I haven't seen a freeze like this while transitioning to a results slide.

I found a discussion from a few years back with a semi similar issue:

I reverted back to December 15th, 2020's version 3.47.23871.0 but no dice there. The only triggers on the results slide is the default comparison between Score Points and Pass Points, what to do when passing, and what to do when failing. Each of the 10 question slides are simple T/F or Multiple Choice with default triggers on them. Changing this Result Slide Tracking from Knowledge Check to Final Assessment or Pre Check has no effect.

Any ideas are welcome. Just a bit lost on this one.


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Becca Levan

Hey there Daniel!

Thanks for describing what you're experiencing and including the helpful details. So sorry you're hitting this roadblock!

Let's jump in together so we can get to the bottom of this: Do you get the same results if you import your slides into a new project file?

If that doesn't help, I'd be happy to take a look at your file! Would you mind sharing it here so I can do some investigating? Or, if you're more comfortable, you can share it privately with me here!

Daniel Downey

Hi Becca,

It took some experimenting but I actually found that there were some corrupted elements on the results slide immediately following the question bank. I believe it was tied to some buttons on the slide as rebuilding the slide as a brand new results slide caused the course to proceed as normal, but copying the buttons over immediately made the new results slide break as well. Luckily an easy fix overall. Thank you for your follow up.