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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Leslie!

I do not know that I have seen a user ask this particular question. That monitor seems like it would be large enough as I typically use a 17" laptop.

Could you share a screenshot of what you are seeing so that we can be sure that nothing else may be going on?

Perhaps others in the community have suggestions as well.

Leslie Ramsey

Thanks for the quick response, Leslie. Here are a couple of screenshots.


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Rich Cordrey

I would say "the bigger the better", and I do think that's true for pure development reasons. However, it's always nice to be able to see your work under circumstances that are somewhat comparable to those of the learners as well.

My team uses dual 24" monitors, which is particularly great with the dockable panels in SL2. So much more screen space to work with.

My guess on the preview is that since you're at 1920x1080, the project size is considerably smaller. If you keep it at the default (720x540 or 720x405), then the preview is going to take up only that many pixels, even if your player settings allow for resizing to the browser, which appears pretty small.

Leslie McKerchie

Well, that looks fairly normal Leslie, though probably not the answer that you were hoping for.

The Storyview is a thumbnail representation of your slide. and your story size is reflecting what you are seeing in preview. 

Some of the tips shared here may assist you in working with the new interface.

If you would like to share your feature requests, you may do so here.