Moodle 2.2 and Storyline

May 31, 2012

Hi All,

I have successfully inserted Storyline presentations with surveys and interactives in Moodle 2.2. The problem is that the information that students type into the essay responses is not being reported to Moodle.   Any thoughts on how to get the Storyline to communicate to Moodle.  I keep getting  cmi.core.exit   value suspend.

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Mary Jo Feeney

Hi all,

I am new in the last week to both Storyline and Moodle.  I have implemented a Moodle 2.1 LMS.  I have created a Storyline test presentation and published it (selecting LMS, SCORM 1.4, HTML5 options). 

So now I have a folder containing subfolders and files labeled "StorylineName."

How does this get uploaded into Moodle?  The whole folder structure or only the LMS subfolder?

Is it a "Resource" or an "Activity" in the Moodle interface?

Sorry for these very basic questions, but I cannot find this in the documentation.


Peter Anderson

Hi Lance!

Have you confirmed that your server can handle all the necessary file types? These can include (but are not limited to) HTML, XML, and SWF files.

And what about additional videos you may have included in your course? If you included FLV or MP4 movies in your content, you may need to ensure that your server has an associated MIME type for FLV and MP4 files. Here's how. 

You may also want try testing your course in SCORM Cloud to help us determine if the issue is Articulate-related or if it's on your LMS's side. If the issue appears in SCORM Cloud as well, we'd be happy to take a closer look at what might be going on. If you can't replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud, it's probably an issue that you'd want to take to your LMS team. The articles here and here may also help clear up common LMS issues.

Let us know...

Jasmine Francois

Greetings Peter,

I just read your previous post (1/15/13 - 9:54am) and in the process of testing SCORM cloud and have read the 2 articles but I am still having a few issues.

How do I relocate this imsmanifest file to the root directory so that my Moodle LMS can properly read the files.  I took a look at Moddles FAQ and this is what they said.  Any help you could provide would be most appreciated.


Incorrect file package - missing imsmanifest.xml or AICC structure

This means that Moodle cannot find a file called imsmanifest.xml inside the SCORM object. Reasons for this could be:

  • imsmanifest.xml needs to be immediately inside the scorm directory, NOT inside a directory inside of that. So if the zipped scorm package is, the unzipped package directory should contain immediately inside of it the imsmanifest.xml. This is a common mistake and normally occurs when a SCORM author creates a package themselves and then selects that folder to compress. This places the content folder inside of another folder, The imsmanifest.xml is there, but it is 2 directories deep. To avoid this problem when zipping scorm content into a package, go INSIDE of the exported scorm folder, select all files inside, and compress them while all are selected. The resultant compressed directory has the imsmanifest.xml file in the first directory, immediately available to the moodle scorm loading process.
  • when using linux based systems the filename imsmanifest.xml must be all in lowercase not IMSmanifest.xml or Imsmanifest.XML
  • The SCORM authoring tool Articulate sometimes fails to create the imsmanifest.xml -Try exporting the package again and see if the manifest is generated.
  • The SCORM authoring tool Articulate Presenter will publish packages where the imsmanifest.xml file is in the correct place, but there are several lines of white space in the manifest file if you do not fill out the Reporting and Tracking Options in Articulate Presenter for Keywords and LMS Description. Moodle will give a "Manifest not found" error when encountering this. To fix this problem select the Reporting and Tracking Options in the Articulate Presenter publish dialog and fill in the LMS Description and Keywords.

Thanks in advance,


Jasmine Francois

Hi Phil,

Thanks for responding; yes I only use the publisher dialogue box to zip files since it's right there.  Actually I followed Moodles  suggestion while I was waiting for a super hero/user to respond and "filled in the LMS Description and Keywords".  As soon as I did that I republished and magically the imsmanifest file was at the main/primary level and when I pushed it to Moodle the course successfully launched.

Thanks for getting back to me; I appreciate your help.


Dan Thatcher

Phil Mayor said:

If you zip the package using the zip button on the publsih dialogue the manifest will be in the correct place, otherwise zip the contents of the folder and not the folder

As long as yoy dont edit the manifest file I have never seen issues with a Storyline or Studio generated manifest and Mooodle, 1.9, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

Thanks Phil, this helped me figure out how to get past the "imsmanifest.xml" is missing message that I kept getting

Karin Hutchinson

Hello everyone,

I am trying to publish a course to Moodle and I get this error when uploading the activity:

"The uploaded file may exceed max_post_size directive in php.ini.

The zipped file is 19,006 kb and the actual storyline file is 191,488 kb.  Has anyone else encountered this problem when publishing to Moodle?  Is there a solution?

Dan Marsden

Hi Karin,

max_post_size is a server configuration setting (not a Moodle setting) - that error is saying that your server won't allow you to upload a file that size. You will need to ask whoever looks after your server hosting to make a change to increase that value higher than the size of the file you are trying to upload.

good luck!

Dan Marsden

Hi Jonida - If you are using separate SCORM packages you should be able to do this using activity completion in Moodle 2.x and higher. If you are trying to use sequencing and navigation (SCORM 2004) within a single SCORM package Moodle doesn't support this.

If you want help with using Activity completion in Moodle you should ask for help in the community forums on

Erwin Ancheta
Aaron Thomas

Hi All,

I have successfully inserted Storyline presentations with surveys and interactives in Moodle 2.2. The problem is that the information that students type into the essay responses is not being reported to Moodle.   Any thoughts on how to get the Storyline to communicate to Moodle.  I keep getting  cmi.core.exit   value suspend.

Hi Aaron and All,

It's been a long time that this entry was posted. You are using Moodle 2.2 before and now we already have Moodle 2.8. Wow! Endless learning journey we have here :).

Have you/anyone solved this query?

I'm currently on this path of exploring Storyline in Moodle.

I have almost the same questions actually.

  1. Does Moodle tracks/record the answers on the essay questions from Storyline?
  2. Does Moodle can track completion/grades/scores/answers from a customized Storyline assessments like this? Please check >

Please help and advise.

Thank you in advance!

Kind Regards,



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erwin,

It looks like Phil has you covered here in terms of reporting the value of variables to your LMS. 

Was there a particular example in that link that you were thinking of in terms of reporting and tracking within Moodle? For the most part, as long as you're tracking using a results slide those scores and questions should be reported to your LMS - and then it's up to the LMS in terms of how it's reported back to you. 

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