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Mar 12, 2013

Hi everyone,

Apologies if this has been asked before - I had a look around but couldn't find anything that looked right. Just wondering if someone could clarify the way moodle 2.2. tracking works for HTML5 versions of SCORM exported from storyline.

Here's what I've been trying to do:

- I have a storyline course that needs to play both in moodle and on ipad.

- As moodle doesn't have tin can I exported it for LMS with HTML5 ticked.

- I uploaded the package into Moodle and it plays fine via web browser and tracks attempts properly.

- When viewed on ipad, it doesn't work properly - the SCORM package gets cut off at the sides and doesn't scroll/can't be viewed properly.

- To fix this I've linked directly to the HTML5 html file, by putting a link in moodle - this then displays properly. BUT it doesn't show up as any tracking or attempts.

Any ideas how I can fix this?



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Frank McConnell

Phil Mayor said:

Hi Sarah, you need to edit the scorm window to display the iPad content correctly then it will track, ask whoever hosts/maintains your moodle site they should be able to do this

I'm interested in this as well Phil. When I'm asking my webhosting provider to do edit the SCORM window do I just simply ask them to adjust the SCORM window in Moodle to properly display the course on an iPad?


Sharon Maguire

Hi all,

Also interested in this... I've been playing around in Moodle 2.1, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5beta.  No matter which theme I try I can't get the Storyline scorm package to display correctly on an iPad.  The navigation buttons get cut off.  Zebra is perhaps the best theme that only cuts off a small portion of the navigation buttons, but only on Moodle 2.4 and 2.5, not earlier versions... and it's still not good enought for us to announce that our courses are iPad compatible.

We've tried editing server files for various themes (the theme CSS etc), but still can't get the scorm file to display ok on an iPad.

Any suggestions for theme developers that would not waste our time and be able to create something for us that works well on a PC and also displays well on an iPad?



Natalie Van Doren

I have the same issue.  I sent my story in to be checked with Articulate, and it works for them.  We do have issues with the web browser used on the PC with our LMS, so perhaps Safari can't handle it either?  I haven't done a new test on my iPad yet,  but I've downloaded the Chrome app to see if it does anything different.  

Just to clarify, the issue I have on ipad (when not using the app) is that the Player gets chopped off on the bottom and side.

Darren Besanko

AH... I am having the exact same problem. When I go to a basic web version of the html5 file is displays correctly in iPad, but that same Storyline project as a scorm activity in Moodle, published to html5 will not appear correctly. I dont know how to link directly to the html file (and its hosted by a Moodle partner).

I will ask the hosting partner to have a look.

Stefano Posti

Hello there;

Please note, while using Moodle SCORM, that in order to track you will have to load a Scorm package (and Moodle will address index_lms.html file);

There are several ways to handle the player resolution (the standard Moodle Scorm Player is php/javascript based, and can be customized by skilled people), but as far as I know some Html5 features (like responsiveness) are really hard to get.

I would say that Moodle at the moment is not the right LMS to run courses for iPad, yet.

I have asked my Moodle partner to push engineers (real Moodle Gurus!) to find a solution, but it'll take time, I don't think to get any result before next autumn...

I will share any result with the community by the way...


Christopher De Vries

I think the heart of this problem is in the mobile/storyline_compiled.js. There are some statements:

(a=1024-top.window.innerHeight,d=768-a,c=1024):!a&&480==top.window.innerWidth?(a=320-top.window.innerHeight,e=720-a,b=480):a&&480>=window.innerWidth&&(d=268,c=480);var a=1,a=f/g>c/d?c/f:d/g,h=parseInt((d-g*a)/2-1);0>h&&(h=0);var j=parseInt((c-f*a)/2-1);0>j&&(j=0);c=".framewrap{-webkit-transform-origin:top left;-webkit-transform:translate3d(0px,0px,0px) scale("+a+");width:"+f+"px;height:"+g+"px;top:"+h+"px!important;left:"+j+"px!important;.interstitial{height:"+d+"px;width:"+c+"px;}}";

By modifying the scale, top, and left I can resize the scorm to fit within the boundary. Unfortunately right now it requires tweaking manually. I am going to see if I can modify these parameters by enclosing an additional script within the SCORM or by including additional javascript on the moodle side.

Deniz Olcay

I'm having the same problem as well. I have to create 2 versions of each Storyline file I make - since the iPad versions cannot handle auto advancing slides on a storyline presentation. The iPad versions I export have to have each slide advanced by the user. 

This is why tracking becomes difficult as well - since I don't want to ruin the PC users' experience by having a storyline presentation that doesn't auto advance.

Any updates on better performance of Storyline features with iPads? 

Paul McCormick

The problem seems to arise in that access to Moodle is protected by a login and if you upload the SCORM file within Moodle the Articulate App on the iPad cannot access the Articulate Files because they are behind a login.

I worked around this by uploading the HTML5 version of the Articulate directory to a publicly available location on my website and then used an External Link from within Moodle to link to story.html.

Subsequently when using a Desktop Browser the Articulate file launches in a window within Moodle, when using an iPad you are prompted to download the Articulate App which runs (I think) all of the interactive features of the Articulate file.

My requirement is that my users only have to read or open the file in order to proceed within the Moodle course, which triggers a restriction event in Moodle to allow the user to access a quiz in the course to check they have actually read the Articulate Material. So I don't have to record a grade or anything from Articulate which negates the need to export the Articulate files as SCORM. 

When updating your Articulate files you simply UNZIP them and reFTP them to the same location mentioned above. 

Dan Marsden

I've posted about this elsewhere - but we are aware of issues with the SCORM player in Moodle using Mobile devices - no one has come up with funding for us to fix this and no one has developed any useful patches to fix it properly yet. (I maintain SCORM in Moodle as a volunteer)

But - the good news is that  I have a GSOC student working to improve the SCORM player for Moodle 2.6 - progress is looking good so far including some responsive design elements and hopefully better display on mobile devices. Hopefully some of this will land in Moodle 2.6 in the next month or so and I'll be asking people to test and give us feedback on the changes.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rich,

Our team is aware of an issue where content displayed in an iFrame within an LMS is not scaling properly within the iPad and they're looking into possible solutions now. With that being said, every LMS player is a bit different so it's also worth checking into what is happening on the Moodle side of things - and I know that Dan is a regular contributor here in the forums, and has recently posted in another thread about a few of the HTML5 issues such as this. You may also want to reach out to him directly to see if he has any additional updates from Moodle. 

Christopher De Vries

There are issues with the moodle SCORM player, however this issue is definitely specific to the articulate player. We mitigated the issue by rewriting the javascript files included within the SCORM. There are several places where the iPad frame size is hardcoded in the mobile/storyline_compiled.js and a few changes in there can make the difference. I only adjusted it for the landscape case (as that is the orientation we support), but when you see -ms-transform, scale, and interstitial you can follow those height and width variables to bring in values from the

var scorm_frame=parent.document.getElementById("scorm_object")

element, which provides the proper height and width for moodle.


Dan Marsden

The only display issue in the Moodle tracker we have at the moment relates to using pop-up windows in Moodle and the header/footer not giving enough space. We fixed this in Moodle 2.7 as part of MDL-43011

I think there's still a scaling issue that exists in the css/javascript of some SCORM content where the package displays the content in the middle of the iframe instead of flush against the top right , but I can't remember if that affects articulate - and I haven't found a way that we can fix it in Moodle as it seems to come from the content itself.

If you are still having issues (in particular with Moodle 2.7) and it relates to a Moodle specific issue please create a bug in the Moodle tracker and include screenshots of the issue and a SCORM package that allows us to reproduce the problems.


Cédric Mallet

Hi all

I've struggling with the same issue, having the Articulate content not fitting in the window (only a part is visible) on iPad, though it works fine on a PC.

I have uploaded my settings on the moodle forum here

So far I have no idea if the problem comes from moodle or Articulate, being pretty new to both tools.

Christopher, could you detail the javascript modification you have to make in order to view Articulate content properly in moodle?

Thanks a lot !

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