Moodle and Storyline: why quiz results are not tracked?


I'd like to know if someone has experienced issues with tracking results of a Storyline 3 module uploaded in Moodle (v3.3).

At the end of the module, there is a retry button for users who fail the final quiz, but when I check the results in Moodle, only the first attempt is tracked. Could anyone shed some light on this? 

Thank you!


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Phil Mayor

Attempts in Moodle are different attempts of a quiz in a Scorm.

The first time you open a course in Moodle it counts as an attempt, the next time you open the course and do not choose start new attempt then it is still the first instance.

Inside the course if you take a quiz and then press retry and then close the course it would likely track the second attempt, if you have the course set to pass/fail it will likely track only the first attempt.

Elisabetta T

Hi Phil,

Thank you for your answer. 

Indeed I did not explain myself properly: what I meant is that only the first score is shown in Moodle. I might retry the final quiz and have different results, but this is not reflected in Moodle.

Also, I did not specify that there are 3 result slides, as throughout the module I included 10 questions and 5 final quiz questions (which are all part of the final score). Users can only retry the final quiz. 

Could this help to understand the issue better? Thanks! 

Phil Mayor

Still the same issue.

If you retry the quiz within the same course by hitting the try quiz button then Moodle will not track this as an attempt. The only time Moodle tracks attempts is each time you open the scorm and if the user chooses to start a new attempt or you have force new attempt set in the scorm settings. the retry button within the course will not create a new attempt within Moodle.