Moodle + Articulate help!

Hello, i create a scorm (1.2) with articulate 3 and uploading on moodle. I tried all combinations of articulate tracking and moodle completions settings but i really can't have a scorm marked as "failed".

In the gradebook of moodle it say me that i failed the test but the scorm is still unmarked.


These are my moodle scorm settings:

Can't get out of this.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Daniel! Thanks for sharing those settings with the community. Another piece of information that will help is the reporting option you chose when publishing (pass/fail, pass/incomplete, etc). Could you let us know what you chose?

This articles describes the different outputs and reporting options in more detail.

Daniel Gavriliuc

Hi! Sorry for the late response (I did not receive the email :c)

I setted in Articulate "Passed/Failed" and "Always resume". 


One thing I never thought of is tu separe the entire course with the quiz. The course i did before was building with a structure like video-game-video-game-test. All in 1 module. 

I advise everyone to do a single module only for the quiz!


Anyway for moodle i disabled "Mastery score overwrite status", setted 3 attempts and "highest grade" (for my quiz), and i conpletion i checked only "Student must recive a grade" , for the passing grade i setted it in the gradebook. Now all work really great. Only 1 thing does not convince me, if i answer only the first question of the quiz, then close the scorm it is marked as failed, but it's only a smallness cause the attempt remain the same and with the "highest grade" if i pass the quiz it will be marked as passed. 

 (sorry for bad english) 

Jessica Cooper

Hi Daniel,

I to am trying to track a storyline project using the Moodle LMS and have tried a lot of variations. Can you share a screenshot of what worked for you in the end and describe how exactly its tracking users learning. I am running into only partial completions, regardless if users have completed the entire quiz or not.