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Oct 01, 2019

Hello all. I have a scorm with a test in it (20 questions). I must set 3 attempts for this test so i trigghered the retry button with variables ecc. Now i am able to set the attempts in moodle or in articulate.

If i set the attempts in articulate moodle will register only 1 attempt, if the learner don't quit and restart the module and the reports will be a mess. (so annoying)

If i set the attempts in moodle then the learner must quit and restart the module for every attempt. (so annoying)รน

Is there a way to synchronize moodle and articulate attempts? 

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Hi Daniel,

I dont believe what you want can be done, as Moodle only recognises attempts when learners actively start a new session in that module. 

Have you considered moving your 20 questions into a Quiz Module in Moodle? That way the attempts are managed through your LMS, and you have full oversight of how many attempts and the score of each attempt for each learner.

We have had issues in the past with SCORM not passing through grade %'s correctly into our LMS (Moodle and now Totara) so we made the decision to have all quizes / assessments in Moodle to ensure that the scores being passed from the LMS into our HRA systems were accurate. Our SCORMs are published with passes/incomplete settings, and the course grade is pulled from the Moodle. 

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