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Aug 02, 2013

Hi - I'm working with Storyline on a moodle platform. I would like the highest score to be tracked. The quizzes aren't supposed to be tracked, but say 30 from 34 slides. This seems to be working, but the attempt is always displayed at 0 - even when the course is completed. I thought it would count the times I accessed the course. In moodle, I've ticked "Force new attempt - yes". What am I forgetting? Or perhaps I have a wrong understanding on what an attempt is?

Can you help?


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Kim Alison

Hi Phil,

sorry, I've only had access to moodle for 1 day and can't find anything that says learning objects. The completed/incomplete status seems to work. Just the number of the attempts doesn't count (stays at 0).  In the section "Activity Completion" I've ticked "completed". Do you mean I should also tick "Require grade" or "Require minimum score" - even if the quizzes aren't to be tracked? Are you able to paste a screen shot for the two things I should be doing?


Tracey McNamara

Hi Kim,

Sorry to jump into your post but I am struggling with a very similar problem. What I am really hoping to find out is what settings I should select in Storyline and in Totara for a course where tracking is done by slides viewed, and a quiz where tracking is done by results slide.

We want the modules to open in a new window, have unlimited attempts but to track every attempt at a quiz (not so worried about attempts at courses), and to report back to Totara even if the learner exists the course/quiz before reaching the end.

At the moment, I have Completed/Incomplete as the Storyline setting for the course and when published in Totara have selected Activity completion to be Require status of Completed only.

For quizzes, I have Passed/Failed as the Storyline setting and when published in Totara have selected Require grade, and Require minimum score of 75 (because quizzes have 75% passmark). Would this work just as well if I remove this Activity completion criteria and purely selected Require status of Passed only?

The other thing I don't fully understand and therefore haven't used is the gradebook. Is this something I should be using for the quizzes?

Really hope someone can help. I've been going round in circles trying to get this right and still haven't succeeded!



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tracey and welcome to Heroes!

I'm not certain if Kim is still subscribed to this thread, so you may want to send her a private message specific to Totara set up. In regards to your Storyline settings, each course can only have on tracking method (either by slides viewed or a quiz results slide). If you're courses are not reporting as you'd expect within your LMS, I'd suggest to begin by reviewing this blog post on troubleshooting common LMS issues. 

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