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Is there anyway i can pass the score of a quiz to Moodle LMS other than adding storyline's inbuilt result slide?

I have created a custom quiz with blank slides (without converting it into a free form quiz or graded quiz).Assigned a number variable GrandTotal to keep track of learners score.can i use this variable (grand total) to pass the score to Moodle LMS ?

I don't want to use inbuilt result slide.

i have also attached my story file.

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Brian Allen
Brian Allen

Joydeep Guha Roy said:

So, it will pass the score (points) from my number variable (Grand Total) to storyline's system variable Result.Score.Points?

I haven't personally used this, but check out this post for a little more context around formatting the javascript -

Abhishek Roy

Actually what i want to achieve is that when the learner reaches the custom result slide (as you can see the attached story file) after finishing all slides, i want the number variable GRAND TOTAL (which i have created to store points from all slides) to pass the points/ score to the LMS?

Any workaround will do it be it using javascript or using a fake inbuilt result slide (though i want to avoid it).

Abhishek Roy

i have checked in moodle that other than max grade there are no other option which should create an issue.

in storyline it's set up as track by slides viewed.

but i can't get what is " have a hidden slide so completion can never be achieved".

is there any way i can edit the cmi.core.score.max value in storyline or in published output folder?

Melissa Milloway


Has anyone run into issues with passing a variable over to Moodle with a short answer and results slide?

I have been using this method with Storyline 2:

For some reason the variable is not showing up under the adjust variable trigger as a value it is only showing the textentry field as a value. Not sure if I just missed something.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Melissa,

When setting up the trigger, you'll want to be looking for the name of your other variable that you created to report through the short answer. The Textentry option that you see there currently is referencing the short answer text entry variable itself, and would be the only option you'd see if you had yet set up another variable.