Moodle & Storyline


I have only got storyline in the past day or so and I think I am running before i can walk, but I would like some advice please.

Currently i have several captivate courses wrapped up in a scorm.  the problem with this was when we upgraded the continue button disappeared!  and made it akward to navigate.

  i needed the seperate scorms to talk to the gradebook  about the different subjects they needed to cover.  I know Storyline only rports once to the grade book with one results slide.  is there any way around this?.  can i get Storyline in Moodle to automatically move on to the next scorm?

Also, in my current course I had a Moodle feedback question that emailed me that they had accepted our security policies.  (The email is from Moodle as at this point the user does not have an email account).  users find the feedback question difficult to complete - especially as it is post  course.  I have tried to add the link to the feedback as a web object so they complete it before they leave storyline.  It works but it looks untidy because of the Moodle profile bar and blocks..  Is there anyway I could replicate this action in Storyline - bearing in mind they don't have an email?




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