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Jun 18, 2014

Hi-  I have a asic question- 

I am onsite in Asia for a client and can I set up multiple SCORM (storyline) activities in 1 course in Moodle?  How do I do that-  I can add 1 but I have not figured out how to do many?

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Harri S

Hi Ted,

As far as I'm aware SL can only send one report from one course to Moodle (or any LMS). You could set up multiple mini courses and put them all in the same learning path if you need to see who's completed what. Or, if you can provide more detail about what you're trying to achieve and why the lovely guys here on the forums may have an alternative solution.

Dan Marsden

Hi Ted,

There are 2 ways to add a SCORM in moodle 

1 - using the scorm course format: (or single activity course format in newer moodle versions

This is where you create a course and select to use the scorm format on creating the course,  this means that your course is essentially just one SCORM package

2 - as an activity within a normal course.

When you create a moodle course you use a format like topics or weekly, then when viewing the course with editing mode turned on you use the 'add an activity' dialog to add as many scorm or other activities/resources to the single vourse in Moodle.

Hopefully that makes sense! 

ted greenfield

Hi Harri and Dan! 

Thanks!!  Ill try Dan's #2  and see what that looks like-  I am using moodle 2,7- the latest version, I am not that familiar with Moodle but it seems easy enough.   I have series of courses set up so far, Ill have a total of 6 or 7 with about 5-10 storyline activities for each course. 

Thanks again guys,... Ill keep you posted from Kazakhstan -   ( don't mention Borat - they HATE that here!!)


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