Moodle/Totara scorm tracking

Hi all,


Being new in Moodle & Totara, sorry if this issue has already been discussed

I just started using Totara and published a scorm package (tested and working in but it seems that the course settings are a little tricky to manage

I can't get any tracking information, especially completion information, in Moodle. Which is rather a problem especially in a training program where a training must be completed before going to the next training.

Any idea which are the best settings to setup in Moodle?

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Phil Mayor

When you publish you need to set the racking either by number of slides or by a results slide.

In Moodle after importing the Scorm there are many things that need setting, you need to set a pass grade in the gradebook and also would need to turn on completion tracking if you want a visual notification that the course has passed.