Moodle tracking and manual grading issue

Hi guys,

I am in a bit of a dilemma. Our LMS administrator and I have been struggling to find a solution to an issue for the past few days, with very little luck. To give you some background info, we are currently creating courses in Storyline 2 and the LMS we are using is Moodle. The issue is as follows:

Due to the nature of some of our clients that use our courses, we are at times required to log onto their profiles to manually grade them on Moodle so that they can access the assessment. The content and assessment files are split, and the user has to reach a status of “complete” before they are able to unlock and access the assessment. When doing this as a regular student, this is easily achieved.

Now, the issue comes in where some of our clients do the content in a group and then require us to manually grade their content files as complete on their profiles so that they can access the assessments without having to go through the long task of completing the content for a second time. The issue we have encountered is that when we manually grade these students, the score/complete status is not pulled through to the LMS and does not allow the assessment to be unlocked. This feature had been working fine up until a few weeks ago. We do not know what has changed in the past few weeks as my publishing process as a developer has not changed, and her building process as the LMS admin has not changed either.

We have also noticed today that when completing a content module and exiting the course by means of a custom button that has been programmed with the “Exit course” trigger, when we reopen that same content file, it asks us to resume where we left off and when we say yes, it takes us to the last screen that contains the exit button. It seems like an infinite loop happening. It had not done this before. This has now also caused that we are unable to access/unlock the assessment files. Why is this happening? It seems as if the course is not exiting properly and that the complete status is not being fed to the LMS to unlock the assessment files. If I am correct, the custom exit button should close the content file as well as the browser window (which it does), and upon opening it again should restart from slide 01.

Has anyone had an experience similar to this before? Any suggestions on how to fix/bypass this issue? Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Thabit Samodien

I've done some reading on the forum and have found many instances documenting the reasons that the Exit course button doesn't work correctly. Just to clarify, I am using Chrome and have also published with the feature that the scorm files launch in a new window. When clicking "Exit" in the course, the window is closed successfully. The issue I am having is that it does not seem to track that the final slide containing the exit button has been visited. It seems like even though the exit button works visually, it is not sending the required information to the LMS. 

Could this be the case?

Thabit Samodien

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you for getting back to me. Apologies for the delayed response. To answer your questions, the content files are exported using the Complete/Incomplete setting and the assessments are exported using the Passed/Complete setting.

As for tracking, yes I am using the slides viewed counter as the method of tracking.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the additional information Thabit.

If you are tracking the content course by number of slides, do you know for sure that the learners are visiting all the slides required? Some courses have branching that may result in the user being presented only a limited number of slides versus ALL of them. Let's say a course has 20 slides and one path shows them 17 slides and another path shows 14. You would want to set the tracking to be 14/17 slides, or the lowest possibility.

If you do think it could be an issue with the exit course trigger, then I'd check out this article.

If you need us to take a look, feel free to share your .story file.