More Cartoon Characters needed

Hi Heroes,

this is my first post here.

I am working with articulate since one year and every day I am little bit more into the program. It is awesome. As a Business Trainer I "hated" eLearning in the beginning: "It will steal my live participants." But by working with articulate I changed my mind and now I love eLearning and from day to day I want to do more with articulate.

I am stuck a little bit now. I love to use the cartoon characters in articulate and created some courses for a big referral and networking company in Germany and Austria, but it seems that there are "not enough" different cartoon characters. There are a lot of functions in this business and for each function I want to use a new separate cartoon character. Now I used all of the included characters that fit into our business, but I need more.

Do you have some recomendations where to get more of this cartoon characters that are in articulate now? I would prefer the same style, otherwise I have to change all the existing courses with a new character style.

Hope you understood my "german" english.

I look forward to your replies.


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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Ralf. We appreciate the kind words, and happy 1 year! 🎉

I've got a few ideas for us to explore!

  • If you're using Articulate 360, Content Library 360 is included with your subscription—an ever-expanding library of characters, stock media, and more for your courses.
  • Here's a related discussion around creating custom characters that might help: Import own Characters

Let me know what you think and if you have a specific character in mind!

Ralf Hartmann

Hi Katie,

thanks a lot for your answer. The Content Library 360 is great, but now I "used" all of the characters, that are in there that fit to my project. I need some more illustrated characters. By the way, there is always only one positive "expression" = smiling (lächelnd) all the others are neutral or negative. I need some  more positive expressions, not to include always the "same smile". :-) 

Importing own Characters was helpful, especially in combination with the different states. But I didn't want to creat new characters. That is not my business I am god in. 

Thanks for your support.


Katie Riggio

Hello, Ralf. I appreciate you sharing that extra context!

It really helps us understand the use case so that we can take this feature idea under careful consideration. I've documented your request for more cartoon characters, and we'll let you know if we make any changes

Thanks again for letting us know how we can make things better!