More Help information please


I'm playing with the trial version of Storyline to see if it meets our needs.

I see the section on the website for the Showcases to show examples but it would be useful to see the source files to understand and play with the interactions and animations to understand how they were achieved.

( Several of the showcases have typos, inaccuracies, misdirections and others issues, by the way )

Where can I find out about using countdown timers, etc and other interactive functionality?

Providing the source files would at least help to learn.

There doesn't seem to tbe a dedicated Help Guide built into the Application

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Brian Batt

Hi Darren,

We have an extensive list of Articulate Storyline tutorials here:

Regarding the showcase, many of the examples were created by Articulate customers.  Thus, the source files aren't available for public use.

If there's a specific demo that was created by us that you'd like to see, let me know and I'll see if we can release the file.

Darren Mc Neill


It is not an issue.

The triggers are not an issue, they are very straight forward, just a lot of them

It is all very logical. And it is working fine, by the way.

I come from a programing background, (one of my many hats!), so all I want to do was see the triggering process.

I have already replicated a sample process to a test project, so thanks for the project file.