More .pdf troubles!

so the problem at hand is that i have to attach .pdf files to my Storyline 2 course and publish to LMS using SCORM 2004 - 4th ed. 

everything works great when published to CD, but the .pdf's fail when published for the LMS. It says it cant find the path, then gives the path in  my computer to the location where I stored the original, even though it is loaded into the LMS system and should be looking at the file I uploaded. 

Any hints that would make this work?

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David Tait

There are two things that have caused this problem for me in the past:

  1. The file name has spaces in it. Remove the spaces to fix.
  2. The directory path to the pdf is too long. Shorten the path to the pdf to fix, sometimes shortening the file name itself works.

Hope one of these helps!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Terry - 

I agree with what David said, and please ensure that you are publishing with local PDFs to a local drive, and the PDFs should be pulled into the published output. Once loaded into the LMS, they should work properly. And it's always a good idea to test on the SCORM Cloud as the industry standard as well. 

Terry Coe


Please explain local PDFs... you mean a pdf saved to the same drive that i am publishing from or  a PDF that was created on my computer?

The way i am working now, I have PDFs that I downloaded and saved to my local drive that i am publishing from. There are 4 of them so i created a folder that is in the same directory as my unpublished work. this method works perfectly when i publish to CD to test, but i have yet to get it to act right whe i publish to a SCORM format.(using 2004-4th edition)

Bob Wiker

Not sure if this enters into it, but are you including the PDFs as "Resources" in the Storyline project? Maybe that will help somehow.

Unfortunately for us, we have gotten to the point where we hard-code the URL for associated documents, storing them in a 'documents' folder along with the course. (We have access to the server's file system.) God help us if I.T. ever changes the server name/path!!

Terry Coe

I am using them in the reosuces tab as well as throughout my course for reference buttons on quiz questions.

unfortunately i dont have acces to either the server or a public facing site where i could "Easter Egg" them. I could link the course to an internal website, but if the learner doesnt have acces tothe site, they wont have acces to the resources.

Terry Coe

I will try to do that then. as you know though, these resources are internal state policies, so do you know how public the SCORM Cloud is? Would I be able to keep the course private?

We have policies against cloud storage for these types of things if they are publicly accessible.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Terry,

You can set up the invitations for a SCORM Cloud course to be public - meaning anyone with the link can access it or private in which you specify recipients in which you email the link to them directly and then they'll be prompted to log in using that email address. If just testing initially you could send the private invite to yourself to see how it behaves and then keep us posted. 

Terry Coe

so i got it figured out. it was all my fault.

because i am a neat and tidy kind of guy i saved all of my PDFs to a subfolder in the same location as my .story file. that is why i couldn't get them to work in the LMS. once i removed the subfolder and had the resources in the same path as the .story file, everythin gworked perfectly...

Thank you for all the help.