More user friendly copy&paste behavior for elements?

Hello there,

I wanted to rise some concern about ctrl+c and ctrl+v behavior regarding objects like rectangles, lines, textboxes etc. Maybe I don't know how to set up this properly and someone can help?

When you select object X, copy it with ctrl+c, and then immediately paste it with ctrl+v, it goes sligthly off the original object X. I guess some will find this useful, and some totally unnecessary (like me). But it would be ok, if the pasted object coordinates would be at least some more friendly. Now it goes 12px down the Y axis and 15 pixels right on X axis.

Taking in consideration the original grid setting (8px), if you want to place the object in its original position, you must once click ctrl+up, 4 click up, two click ctrl+left, one click right. It's a whole a lot of the clicking. If the pasted object respect the grid setting, it would take only two clicks and therefore you can save a lot of time just moving objects around. Is this some hard thing to implement?

I don't see any downsides of making it respect the grid setting :) or maybe just staying in place or just a setting for this?

Also... why the default grid is 8px? Why not 10, as it's a lot easier to count? :)

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