More variable questions!

Sep 10, 2013


I have come up with a small issue. I have a course where the variables are set up to only allow the learner to access the assessment once all modules are complete.

Each module button in the "Choice screen" has a trigger to allow it to change state once clicked, so the learner can see they have completed that module on return.

That's where I hit the snag. If they return without finishing the module the green tick will appear and could lead to confusion.

I have tried adding a variable to each button trigger (its the same variable which allows the learner to access the assessment later) so that only when the module is completed will the button display its 'visited' state.

But it refuses to work for some bizarre reason and it is like I never changed the triggers at all. (I even deleted them and put in new ones...)

Two of the triggers refuse to acknowledge in the viewing window that a variable has been added and button 4 simply does what it wants anyways.

Can anyone see where I have gone wrong?

Many thanks!

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