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Oct 22, 2014

Is it possible to use motion paths within questions in Storyline 2? I would like for example a smiley to rise up; asone proceeds througha quiz. But how could it work with sucess / fail layers? Thank you for your help. Barbara

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Marbara Bartin

But I cannot think of a trigger, so that the symbol will proceed within the next question, where it moved to from the first question? Where should i position this motion path? Base layer, correc/incorrect layer or on all of them? What is the correct setting? Does Storyline 2 remember f.e. the "relative start point" from one slide to the next one? Maybe I think too complex?

Emily Ruby

Hello Marbara!

If I am reading this correctly, you want an image to move through an entire quiz, over the course of all the slides? You won't be able to link a motion path from slide to slide, however you can just make a new path on each slide at the spot it left off in the previous one. Possibly duplicating the slide would give you a way to line up where it left off. That would work if all the quizzes are the same type.

Just for a different approach, this thread here might also give you some ideas about using this as a progress bar.

Jerson  Campos

Actually I was able to accomplish this using sliders. In my example I have a zombie chasing a person. Everytime you get a question correct you move 3 spaces to the right (towards a house), and the zombie moves randomly from 1-4 spaces. The challenge for me was to make sure that the zombie and the person was in the correct spot from the previous question and it was only possible with sliders.

So here is a breakdown of what I did.

I created a slider on each question slide. (They each have to be assigned different variables) So slide1 on question1, slide2 on question2.

When the person gets it correct you can add a number to the slide variable and this would move it either when the user clicks the button or when the layer pops up.

On the following question, you have to set the slider to equal the previous slider variable at the start. This way it is in the same spot as the previous slide.

If the questions will be coming up in random from a question bank, this will be a little trickier but not to hard.

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