Motion path - How do I remove it?

Nov 18, 2014

I really like motion path as a new addition to Storyline 2's animation capabilities. But once applied to an object, how do I remove it if I changed my mind? The other animations (entrance and exit) have the "None" option.  There is no "None" option for motion path. I end up having to delete the object just to get rid of the motion path and then put the object back in again.

Is there a more elegant way to do it?

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Ellen Slavitz

I am having the same problem -- I can't figure out how to delete a Motion Path.

I went to Animations--Path Options but still can't figure out how to delete it. The "Up" option is selected; when I clicked the Up in the Path Options menu, and it just went further up. When I tried to delete the upside down arrow on the slide that indicates the Motion path, it deleted the element that was motion-pathed.  Sorry if I'm being a bit dense.

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