Motion Path - Moving In and Out points

Oct 24, 2017

Does anyone know a simple way to actually move the motion path in and out points once you have them in your workspace? I need to adjust the animate in and animate out point of the motion path but once I have placed them on the comp I can't seem to be able to grab the ends and move them. It just seems very difficult to animate in Storyline or at least to move things once you have set up a path. I come from a motion graphics background so I'm used to the more detailed animations controls such as After Effects and 3d software. If anyone can provide some guidance on a simple way to move the points that would be great.

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Dave Helton


Thanks for the reply. I believe I figured out what the problem was and why I was not able to select the green and red endpoints. I had other layers that were over the endpoints...locked. Even with the layer selected that had motion paths on it, I could not select the endpoints because the above layers were over the endpoints. The only way I was able to select the endpoints was to hide the layers and make sure nothing was over the endpoints. I even tried moving the layer with the motion path to the top but that didn't seem to matter with the motion path. It appears Storyline places the motion path at the bottom layer on the workspace so no matter what happens if you have a layer that covers your endpoint, you have to hide that layer to select the endpoint.

Hope that made some sense but either way I was able to figure out my question. Seems silly that Storyline builds the animation motion paths this way. Would be nice if you could actually enter a value for start and endpoint just like you could enter a value for the position of an object in the scene. This feature would allow you to select the motion path and dial in a position.


Thanks again for the help.


Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for that feedback, Dave. I really like your idea of having the ability to actually enter a value for start and endpoint--that would definitely make the animations more precise. I'm going to pass this along to my team on your behalf!

I also wanted to share this quick demo of how to adjust a motion path endpoint when it is layered on top of another object. The trick is to be sure the mouse is directly over the red endpoint. Otherwise, you'll accidentally select the object behind the motion path.

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