Motion Path - prevent object from disappearing from the slide

Hi! I’d like to create an activity basen od motion path like in the second example in the tutorial - move the box

I want to prevent object from disappearing from the slide. User clicks to move the object, but when object reaches the ebge of the screen it won’t move and it will be still visible on the screen.
Have you any ideas what can I do?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Magdalena!

It sounds like you want to allow the user to click to trigger the motion path until it reaches the edge of the slide.  I'm confident that you can set up a number variable to keep track of how many clicks (and therefore, where the object ends up).  You would need a trigger to adjust the variable every time the user clicks.  The trigger to move the object on the motion path could be conditional on the value of the variable.

For example, Move shape on Motion Path When user clicks IF the Value of "numbervariable" is less than or equal to 3.  Once the user has clicked 3 times, the trigger won't work, and the object won't move on the motion path.

Do you have a .story file to share so we can see what you've got so far?