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Andrew Wills

This is brilliant. I'm glad that I found this. Thanks Micheal. One more question though...is there a way to ensure that your motion path is dead straight, like holding shift or something while you draw the path?

I added a button to control the action and if I click it too many times, the object actually moves up the screen while following the motion path.

Thanks in advance.


Andrew Wills

Hi Christie,

I have done this and it is really effective, I have had problems that are apparently something that needs to be fixed with Storyline. If I set this up and preview it or publish it, the object that moves when I click the button, gradually works it's way up the screen. It doesn't seem to stay on the motion path, or the motion path itself moves.

I think it might be simpler if you could reverse the object on the same path instead of having to make another path both with relative start points. Is that possible?


Christie Pollick

Hi, Andrew -- Thanks so much for your response and for the additional details. It sounds to me like the issue you are having is a bug that has already been reported to our QA team for further investigation, so any additional information I am provided will be shared here in the thread as it becomes available.

Unfortunately, aside from the thread I have already shared, I do not know of any other options you could try, so perhaps others in the community will have some ideas to share.

You are also welcome to share any thoughts or suggestions for functionality you would like to see by submitting this form to our Product Development team. :)

Liliana Cotoara

Hi all! I can't figure out how to revert an object to the initial position after user clicks another object on the slide. See my project attached to understand what I mean.

When user clicks on book 1, I want book 1 to move out of the book case and open up a page with information. I also want book 1 to move back to the case when another book is clicked.

Any idea how I can do this?


Wes Davis

I see what people are wanting to do and I have been a little frustrated with the same thing. The issue with using relative start points is, you make the next point in a different place than where the object is actually going.

When developing in other software or code, I typically can put in the XY coordinates of where I want the object to go to next from where it's at. Regardless of where it's at. If you have multiple target points of where you want an object to move to, this can be very tedious trying to guess the distance and angle you have to set using relative start points.

Maybe this should be a feature request to be able to animate to specific XY coordinates or to a specific object from wherever the animated object currently is?