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Jun 10, 2016

OK, all you smarter than me folks (that would be everyone reading this post). I need help on getting a motion path to trigger when either a slide is revisited, or when a state changes.

On Slide 1 a button links to Slide 2. An image of a cursor appears over the button to show the user where to click. When the user clicks on the button the state changes to Visited.

On Slide 2 the NEXT button returns the user to Slide 1. When that happens I want the image on Slide one to move on a Motion Path animation to the next button.

Since you cannot trigger a Move based on a State Change, my guess is that it must be triggered by a Variable. HELP!

Attached is the Storyline slides.

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Walt Hamilton

The first and most important thing to learn about variables is to give them very explicit, descriptive names, for tworeasons. If they are named well, half of the work of figuring out how to use them is already obvious. Also, when you or someone else comes back three weeks or three years from now to update this material, they will bless you for helping them understand how each variable is used.

I created the first two variables to move the hand down when the user revisits the slide.

You will need a similar variable for each of the other topics.

This can be done with one motion path, if it is set to have a relative start point, which means it starts from where it is, instead of returning to its original spot.

Then I added Motion Path 2 to move it from Multiple Losses to Large Losses, after which it can use Motion Path 1 to move down.

On the slide that is visited, there is a trigger to set the variable to true when the user clicks next.


Linda Lorenzetti

Edward, I'm thinking that the best way to approach this is to have one hand cursor for each button, have the first one at a normal state, change the rest to an initial hidden state.  You don't even need a motion path if you use the entrance animation.  Have a trigger that changes the current hand to hidden when the state of its associated button changes to visited.  Have another trigger that changes the next hand icon to normal when the state of the previous button changes to visited. 

I hope you can follow what I'm saying.

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