Motion Path Triggers on a Road Trip

I'm creating a road trip for new staff to travel along and visit parts of our organization.  They start by choosing an avatar, and then the selected avatar moves down the road to the first stop and they learn about that service.  All good so far.   But I'm not having any luck triggering the avatar to start the next part of the trip.   The motion paths all start and complete at once.   How can I pause/start the motion paths as the avatar moves along the road.

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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Hey Helen, Iv'e attached an example that can hopefully help you. It's a little complex, but it shows you how to use slide layers to make smooth transitions with animation. it may not be what you were envisioning, but it was what I envisioned when I read about your project.

There are a good bit of triggers on the slide layer "Road Travel (triggers)". They are being used to show and hide other slide layers as well as buttons. There are also some that are adjusting variables to change the text on the sign. Plus you should probably look at the animations as I used a few different features on them like "Path-> Relative start point" and "Direction-> None".

The Road on the base layer is static. I didn't animate the walk layer, but I'd imagine you could make it a looping animation. Didn't have an animation to work with, but you'll get the idea. =)

Let me know if you have any questions.