Motion Paths and Hot Spots - how to make something retract when you move your mouse away???

Nov 10, 2015

Hey there, hoping someone will be able to help me with a query. I'm trying to get something to work in Motion Paths but not sure if it is able to perform this function or not and its driving me a little mad trying to figure it out!!!

So... I have a menu with 5 tabs... I want my users to be able to hover over a Hot Spot which triggers a motion path and when mouse moves off the hot spot the item travels on another motion path returning to its original place.

My menu looks like the blinds on a plane with the menu tabs being the window blinds. Here's a copy of what I'm working on...


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Keith Cook

Hi Matthew, thanks for your advice. Unfortunately that method didn't work as every time the mouse was hovered over the Window Cutout image the blinds would travel on the return motion path (up) even if they hadn't traveled on the original motion path (down) yet. it meant that the blinds were constantly flicking to the down position and moving upward... I'll try some other ideas and see if anything works

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