motion paths

Hi I am trying to find the best way to to show movement in an eye.  I am trying to show movement of the eye with a certain condition in an teaching resource.  I thought if I used motion paths I could show when you cover one eye what direction the other eye would move to.  I need the pupil and the blue part of the eye to move together.  It there any easy wasy to do this?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mahesh, 

It looks like you shared a copy of the published output and you may want to share the .story file so that Tracy could see how you set up the elements. If you're still having difficulty Tracy, can you share the .story file you're working on so that folks could weigh in and work with what you've got set up? 

Karlene Meador

Thank you. I played around with this template. I found it helpful but was unable to get the eye to move consistently in other directions. I found that the eyes floated all over the slide. Although this was entertaining, I am interested in getting the end user to move the eyes in an H pattern as used in extraocular movement testing. Any help is appreciated.

Walt Hamilton

Here is a sample that moves the eye in an H pattern. This sort of motion can only work if the paths are exactly the same length and direction. If you have SL3, it is a lot easier to control them. It can be done with SL2, if you are willing to be persistent, and do a lot of trial and error.  You can control the paths with just about any action, including sliders or drag and drop.