Motion paths in Storyline 2

I am trying to move a rectangle along a series of 5 'stations' at timing of my choosing.  I can get it to move to the second 'station' and have tried using both freeform paths as per the instructional video (I find I can't be accurate enough and the path gets squiggly), assigning a time signature to each as well as using the straight line standard paths with the timing instruction cued in the appropriate dialogue box.  I've used the 'relative start point' feature so that the rectangle doesn't bounce back to its origin each time.  However I can only get the rectangle to move from station 1 to station 2.  I don't want the player to have to click anything to move the object along.  I want it to move to coincide with the voice recording that I've done so - at a specific time cue.

Don't know what I'm doing wrong.  Any tips you can give would help.


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Mary Field

Hi Alyssa: I seem to be having problems using the 'reply' feature of your
response. I think my e-mail finally got out of my 'outbox' but just in case
I copied and pasted your e-mail address into a fresh e-mail.

I tried sending my Storyline 2 project via your 'reply' but it's too big a
file. Can I send it via Dropbox or do you want me to zip it....?


Mary Field

I make the assumption that you would want the working copy and not the
published version.

I've tried sending it so many times I don't know if anything of my
commentary every got through to you. Ergo I'll repeat myself.

I finally managed to get the pathways to work but in a really mucky way. I
had to create the motion paths and then drag the image of the rectangle
backward to kind of show the animation where 'home' was. In other words, I
would have expected that once i got all the motion paths in place I would
see that blurry duplicate image of the original rectangle on each 'station'
that it's supposed to go to. That way I could nudge the image into the
correct place over the target. The way I did it, the images of the
rectangle are all stacked up over the original image and I can't do any
nudging. Just seems like I created the 'duct tape' version of the action.

The slide in question is the slide with the horizontal chart.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mary,

Thank you for sharing your file with me! An alternate method would be to use 4 separate rectangles for a smoother effect. I have made that change in your file and attached it here. You'll also noticed I removed your other slides and the audio to save space, but at least you'll get an idea of the method I used. Let me know if this will work for you, and hopefully other community members can share their experience with moving a single object along a motion path with multiple stops.