Motion Paths "sticking" and project needs to be restarted

I am working on a project in Storyline for our company that contains sensitive information so sharing some of the content is difficult... If there is someone who has an idea, perhaps I can email the file for help, but I cannot publish it online yet. 

Our leadership team likes clicky-clicky bang-bang. Everything needs movement and sound. EVERYTHING. Standard transitions just won't do, so I've had to get a bit creative. Unfortunately, one of these "special" transitions is now becoming a problem. 

  • When you click the animated Menu, it triggers to open in a layer.
  • The layer then gives 7 options and the layer timeline is paused at 2.92 seconds.
    • If the menu button on the layer is clicked, the timeline resumes to play a closing noise and then the layer hides. 
    • If any of the other 7 options are clicked, the corresponding oval (there are 7 ovals in different colors) moves along its motion path to cover the entire slide.
    • This motion path animation is attached to a trigger that goes to the slide with a simple fade. 

I know that sounds complex, but that is why I am attaching a video to showcase the trouble.   :-D

The exact issue appears to be with the motion path animation. When a user clicks the button, the corresponding oval moves along a motion path to cover the slide and sometimes it just freezes in place and the whole thing stops.

You cannot click on anything. The motion path does not resume. You just have to refresh the page and start over. 

The crazy part is that it is not one slide but any that have this menu. AND it is not consistently the same behavior to the button clicks; you can perform the same action multiple times and occasionally the motion fails, but not always. 

Has anyone ran into an issue like this? Any ideas what might be causing this to happen?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Brandon -- Thanks so much for reaching out and sorry to hear of your issues! Without seeing your file, it may be challenging to nail down the root of the problem, but if you would be able to share your file with our Support Engineers offline via this form, they would be able to perform more in-depth exploration. And if requested, an NDA could be signed for confidentiality, as well. 

Brandon Tanguay

Thank you Christie for your direction :-)

I was able to reach out for further assistance. I found that the issue was caused by a pause timeline feature. If a user clicked the button to trigger the motion path to quickly, it paused the timeline at 3 seconds. 

Solution: I added a hotspot on top of the buttons and removed the trigger for the hotspot to cover the buttons until a fraction of a second before the pause. This way a user cannot trigger the motion path until the pause is initiated. 

It works!!! :-D