Motion paths (triggered by key press) on layers

Hi all. I'm experiencing an issue when triggering an object on a layer to move on a motion path by pressing a key. 

Let's say I have a circle on a layer. I give it a motion path (with relative start point) to move up when the user presses the up key (on object = this layer).  But when I press the up key the shape 'teleports' to where the motion path would take it to, and then the motion path plays from there. Basically it moves twice. 

If I do the same set up on a base layer I don't encounter the issue. 

Has anyone else encountered this? Is there something I might be doing wrong or is this a bug?

Thanks in advance!


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Michael Hinze

The issue seems to be that the motionpath is triggered by a keypress ON A LAYER. See attached a revised file where I added a button on the layer and use that to move the oval. It works as expected. I also added an object on the baselayer and move that with a keypress.

Shaun Martin

Thanks for looking at that Michael. When playing your file I noticed that if I use your 'move' button once, then try the key press after that the motion path behaves. Also if I click on the circle before pressing the key it also behaves.

As you say it seems to be the 'On Layer' that is an issue....

I'm hoping to have a charater whose motion is controlled with up, down, left, right keys and who travels between rooms (each slide being a different room). The layers come into play so that I can allow a learner to return to the room they were in... so I'll keep fiddling to see what I can make work as I'd prefer to use key presses rather than nav buttons on screen.

Thanks again for troubleshooting for me.


Shaun Martin

Quick follow up. I've discovered that if I put the 'move on key press' triggers on the base layer, and the moveable item on the layer then the motion path will work as I want. I can make this work for what I'm trying to acheive. Thanks to those who chimed in to help figure it out.