Motion Story Creation

I enjoy watching those commercials such as UPS where the speaker if drawing a picture and telling a story.

More and more I see websites with this style. has a cool interaction where you see the speakers hand drawing the picture while he tells the story.

I would like to create this with storyline but do not know how.  I'm considering using a screen recorder on my iPad and then importing the MP4 into storyline.

Does anyone have an idea of how to accomplish this with storyline?

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Bruce Graham

Hi Ramon,

I tried to simulate this kind of interaction with this course, (some of the later bits, where the characters are actually being drawn).

I used a Wacom tablet input which displayed on a free drawing app that cam with it - captured it using a Storyline screencast, then droppped the various lines and arrow animations on top of the "writing template".

I am sure there are many ways to do this if you have a large audio-visual budget, however, I feel this may be beyond the realms of many of us who do not! :(

Good lick.


Ramon Smitherman


I viewed your course and your concepts work pretty well.  I am considering two approaches both similar to yours.

1) I have an iPad with really nice drawing tools.  I can draw and record audio and export as an MP4.  I would then import that to storyline and dress it up with additional text and graphics as needed.

2) I bought some graphic images of hands from  I can use them with Powerpoint in combination with motion paths to simulate a hand writing on the screen.  I  then do a screen cast of it running and insert it into Storyline.