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Crystal Horn

Hi Richie!  I'd like to clarify...are you referring to the option to add a mouse cursor on your slide?  Or have you got a screen recording in your slide that includes the mouse clicks?  The screen recording is also covered in the above User Guide article.

Or, :)  are you talking about when viewing the project, what happens when the user clicks on an area of the slide?

Thanks for the info... we'll see if we can help you out.

Richie Hewitt

Thanks for getting back to me Crystal. 

I recorded my screen, then added it to my course as "step-by-step" slides. Each mouse movement has a "show click effects" which is quite useful, but when you preview / publish the course, it makes it look like a double-click.

I had a look and it does achieve a good effect! Sadly, however, recreating each mouse-movement to be an animation of a picture might be quite time-consuming to implement over hundreds of slides!

I appreciate your help though  ... very helpful forum this :)