Mouse Click Sounds

I am currently recording "How To" videos for my learners to follow using Storyline. With approximately 30 videos, I have to manually click on each scene, then each mouse click to format and remove the click sound.  This is very time consuming.

Is there a way that we can disable mouse click sounds for the entire project?

Thank you!

Anna Lisa

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Josh Uhlig

I am having this same issue on a step by step simulation.  The format option is not available on mouse objects when a click and drag animation is included in a screen recording.  I want to remove the click sound, but I'm not sure how to do this when there is no format option.  The only work around is to fine tune and stop the screen recording prior to the click and drag, and then on a new slide remove the mouse object when the click and drag is happening, then add the mouse again in a third slide after the click and drag is over.  It's a pain to have to do this for every click and drag action though.

Notice the format option is missing even though the mouse object is selected in the screenshot:

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Josh,

When you include a screen recording in your Articulate Storyline project that has click-and-drag events (such as dragging a scroll bar), note that these actions won't be interactive if you insert your screen recording as Try Mode Steps or Test Mode Steps. (Other types of actions, such as clicking and typing are interactive, so you'll be able to test learners on these actions.) As such, you won't have the same mouse formatting options, and the workaround that you mentioned is one method around this, and I've seen another user suggest the following:

"Each sound produced by interaction of any kind (engage slide, screen recording or else) is saved within your output folder as a MP3 file for each slide. You just need to find the correct folder, open the content files and find the sound that you want to delete. Sound is not difficult to find since MP3 files are named as to what they represent (for example "step_hover.mp3"). Afterwords, the sound will no longer be available when you play the content." which is not supported since it involves the editing of the published output. 

Natalie Parker

Hi Ashley. Thanks for the reply. I want to add the sound in try mode--when the user clicks a hotspot on the screen. The information at the above link seems to be specific to adding mouse cursors and sounds in View mode. I've figured out that I need to insert a trigger to play the click sound when the user clicks on a hotspot. So now my question is this: Is the mouse-click sound built into Articulate screen recordings available as a standalone audio file that I can insert on various slides? This would be great since it would allow me to have a consistent clicking sound throughout the course.