Mouse Curser Path


I've been trying to customize the mouse curser path. I can see that you can choose which direction the mouse enters from, but it isn't possible to choose an exact point from which the mouse enters. I want to decide myself how long the path will be, but I can't see how that is possible. Furthermore I don't understand why the mouse on the second slide have to start where the mouse on the first slide ended. Is there a way to avoid this?

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Peter Anderson

Hey Lonnie, welcome to Heroes!

Currently, you can only choose from the eight different preset locations for the mouse to enter from, and when you have multiple consecutive slides with mouse cursors, the end point of the first will be the beginning point of the next.

If you'd like to see additional control and customization added to the mouse cursor options, please know we always welcome and encourage feature requests Thanks for your input!

Annie Jean

Hi Laura,

Just to make sure, are you positionned on the first slide containing your screen recording? This is the only slide where this option is available. To make it work, I had to go and click on some other slide to get the option because, at first, it wasn't available neither.

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Stu Hilton

I appreciate this is a very old thread, but I found it as I've been having a similar problem - how to repeatedly show the movement of the mouse to a button, where the same application screen is displayed on successive screens.

I resolved it by inserting a 0.25 sec long screen between the two screens with the cursor, with a single trigger of 'jump to next slide when timeline ends'.   

Keiko Abe

Is there any way that I could have this function with storyline3?

Currently with storyline3, cursor can only have one motion and I cannot change direction or path.  What I want was simply this cursor to be used at Animations tab with motion path. 

Well, I will just find the image of what I want my cursor to look like, and put the animation motion on it for now.